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It is common knowledge that the right use of colors is like a pointer that gives your buyers an idea of the personality of your brand or product line.

 And it is certainly no news that color is a significant element in product packaging. But who knows? It might even be even more important than you expect.

Также важно принять во внимание тот факт, что более 90% потребителей сразу же выносят суждения о продуктах, основываясь главным образом на их цвете. Этикетки ваших продуктов доносят информацию до покупателей еще до того, как они прочитают какое-либо слово на них. Поэтому крайне важно, чтобы вы доставили правильное сообщение для этого важного первого впечатления.

Why choose color printing?

  • Colorful labels from цветная полиграфическая продукция help set you apart from the competition by making your products vibrant and informative (because colors say a lot).
  • Using colors, you can highlight important information. This is what makes your label communicative effectively, and you can also quickly recognize and set apart your product line.
  • In addition, if you are producing for others (third parties),  you can complete the line of production. Since you can immediately customize the labels by providing a complete packaging service.
  • The proper use of colors can help to improve sales and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

цветная полиграфическая продукция

What are the functions of colors on product packaging?

The color of the packaging has multiple functions:

  • It helps the consumer to identify their preferred brands on the store shelves
  • It gives your consumers the confidence they need, that they are investing in a genuine product.  
  • It represents the quality of a product's content.

According to experts, nobody wants to put their money on a product with dull or damaged packaging.

Color printing products that we offer

Our products do not only cover your labels if you want more colors and fun around you. We have the perfect color print products that will also help you have a colorful and bright day. Our products include:

  • Magazine brochures
  • Красочные пазлы
  • Наклейки для ногтей
  • Color print calendars
  • татуировки наклейки
  • Клейкие наклейки
  • Greeting cards, and many more.

Что мы вам предлагаем?

We have many unique services. Some of our offers are:

  • Customized and unique based on your design of preference
  • Long-lasting color prints
  • The opportunity to color print on your personal items.

цветная полиграфическая продукция

Сотрудничайте с нами и получайте высококачественную цветную полиграфическую продукцию.

Do you want to give your products colorful, eye-catchy labels? Labels that will have your products leaving a positive impression on your audience, that will give your product the recognition it deserves.

Or you wish to have more colors in products around you, color print products that will cheer you up all day. Your day will always be better if you have that beautiful calendar or sticker notes.

These are things I'm sure you want as much as we want to make them available to you. Then, look здесь to get your own product of colors.


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