Что такое экологически чистая печать?

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Go clean and green this 2022! Whether you are an individual or a business, eco-printing is a step in the right direction to sustainability. Экологичная печать is something everyone, including companies, can do right away to get stunning eco-friendly prints while saving the planet in the process.


Экологичная печать

So, what is Eco-friendly Printing? It involves the application of green innovations in the three main elements of the printing process – the printing technology, the ink, and the print materials – to minimize the impact on our environment. These green technologies help reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption during production. It also helps reduce printing costs while saving the planet.

Экологичная печать

Eco friendly Inks

Inks are normally plastic base contain harmful compounds and chemicals that harm the environment. Eco-friendly printing has found an alternative in eco-inks. These inks use organic ingredients like soy or vegetable in their production.

Soy-based ink, in particular, is a fantastic alternative that replicates the effects of petroleum-based inks but without the toxic side effects on the environment. Some argue that it produces brighter and more vibrant colours compared to other inks.


Eco Friendly Print Materials

These products come from recycled or other sustainable materials that are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. The materials used also come from sustainable suppliers and use little to no chemicals in its processing.

Going green is more important now than ever. The faster we can reduce our carbon footprint, the quicker it takes for the planet to heal. While transitioning to more sustainable business practices takes time, eco-friendly printing is an excellent way to start.


Working with a Sustainable Company

If you’re looking to work with an eco-friendly company, we recommend reviewing their initiatives in these three areas.


Some companies talk a big game about being environmentally friendly, but in practice, they do the bare minimum required of them. While it’s admirable to make any strides towards sustainability, you should look for a company where sustainability is a cultural mantra for their people and processes. The firm should have a record of meaningful sustainability achievements and milestones. To include onsite renewables such as rooftop solar, critical landfill avoidance goals and use of efficient gas-electric hybrid vehicles which can save thousands of gallons of fuel each year.


A company’s policy on sustainability should be prominently featured on their website for your review. In their written policy, companies should list out the various programs and commitments they do to prove they are green. You should also consider asking a company about their carbon footprint; how they approach material procurement, production, and logistics can have a huge impact on the environment. Take a look at our Advertisers Printing Sustainability Policy here. 


Third party validation is especially helpful in determining if the company you want to do business with engages in environmentally friendly practices.

Экологичная печать

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