Как сделать свою этикетку уникальной на полке с помощью блестящей этикетки

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Glitter labels are an excellent way to attract a lot of customers. They stand out on the display, begging to be picked up.

Once a shopper has your goods in her hands, the possibility of her purchasing them increases significantly.

However, getting a high-quality and original glitter label can be a little bit difficult considering the number of products in the market.

Hence, there is a need to partner with a reputable and reliable glitter label manufacturer. Here's how to tell if this distinct style is appropriate for your product.

Who uses these designs?

Glittery sparkles work perfectly for very specific products. Most of the time, you'll see these designs on:

  • Shampoo, cosmetic products, toothpaste, and other personal care items
  • Food - Breath mints, multivitamins, sports drinks, and other similar items.
  • Security Items - Clothing tags, expensive items, etc.
  • Children's Products - Stickers, teddy bear decals, and so on.

People who wish to make their lives better will be drawn to these markets. Glitter radiates excitement. They entice the customer to select the product, hold it, and learn more about what it has to offer her.

Each design has its own set of advantages. Here's how to employ glitter design to capture your buyer's attention.

Uses of Glitter Labels

Glitter labels are more commonly found on beauty products. Glitter is frequently used in the beauty industry to keep products new and up to date.

The nail polish industry frequently employs this technique to transform current colors into new products by introducing a gold glitter finish.

Labels are required to properly reflect the product when this is done.

This allows people to view what they're looking to buy without exposing the product to the external environment and jeopardizing its quality.

Glitter labels can be difficult to work with, particularly when trying to imitate the real color of the ink to achieve the same impact as that of the polish itself.

Due to the high lay-down requirements, not all printers can control printing glitter. 

If your product, such as nail polish, relies on accurately representing the color inside, inspect your printer to make sure they have all the devices to produce the required glitter colors.

Whenever they're gazing at a shelf or aren't certain what to purchase, most customers appreciate a gentle nudge in the correct direction.

The importance of your label supplying the effort your buyer needs cannot be overstated. As just an outcome, some brands use 3D, eye-catching materials to attract new customers.

In Need of a high-quality Glitter Label

One of the best ways to capture the minds of the customers is the use of glitter label on the products under display.

However, durability and quality are two important things that should not be compromised when sourcing out for one in a seemingly congested market.

Hence the need to partner with a trusted and reputable glitter label manufacturer Harmony Print Pack Co., Ltd.

Harmony is a high-quality glitter label manufacturer which uses advanced professional and quality materials to ensure standard products are produced.


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