Основные советы для успешной цветной печати брошюр и календарей

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There are two major uses of color printing brochure and calendar in small and large scale businesses; one of these is selling calendars as a product. The second use is as a means of promotion to help the company gain some popularity among potential or existing customers.

Small businesses can use calendar printing as a way of increasing their brand awareness and keeping them in the public eye. Various types of businesses can effectively use calendar printing to boost their visibility in the marketplace, helping them stand out among their competitors.

It has been identified as one of the most effective tools of marketing, along with other stationary items such as jotters and notepads. This is because the products are kept on display all year round in places such as homes, restaurants, schools and offices.

Here are six (6) tips to ensure that as a business owner, you make the most out of calendar printing.


  1. Make your calendar capture their interest

As a business owner, you want to create a simple yet interesting calendar design that would appeal to your customers. Your calendar can catch their attention if the images are relevant to your business and allow the customer know what your services are.

An example is a fashion store that creates a calendar with recommended dressing styles for various seasons of the year, such as summer through winter. It is okay if your company does not produce products that instantly create aesthetic appeal, you can also use images of nature. 


  1. Use your promotional offers

You can maximize your calendar space by including a few promotional offers and deals that capture your customers’ interest in your products. This may include discounts, new products, special offers, monthly deals and promo codes; you can be sure your customers will appreciate it. 

color printing brochure and calendar

  1. Go for a big display

Be sure that your calendar is big enough to stand out and easily be read by your customers when they come across it. A good calendar will have bold, bright images, the font should be visible and the dates should be clear stated. 


  1. Top-notch quality matters

A calendar that is produced with excellent printing quality will certainly help to create a better response from your customers. The cover and the inner pages of the calendar must be of good quality that positively reflects on your company. 


  1. Smart save

Some common methods of presenting calendars is the booklet style or the wire bound style, however, the booklet style is more cost-effective. The calendar should be designed in such a way that it will be convenient for the customer to hang it up on display.  


  1. Знай свою целевую аудиторию

As a business owner, it is very important to know the category of people that make up your customer base. It helps you tailor your deals to suit the target audience and distribute the calendars to those who it will have the most impact on.


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