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It is common to see an item packaged in a cardboard box. I guess you received an item in a cardboard box before. Do you know how cardboard boxes came about? It will interest you to know that it has been with us for centuries.

Just a handful of people know when and why cardboard boxes were invented, how they produce them, why they are so common, and how the box affects our environment. In fact, a quality cardboard box from a reputable manufacturer is good for different packages.

Read on as we take you through the nitty-gritty of this eco-friendly material that is becoming very popular each century. In the end, you will get basic knowledge about картонные коробки.

картонные коробки

Who invented Cardboard Box?

What we use today as the cardboard was accidentally produced in the 1870s by Robert Gair, an American printer. He was producing paper bags when he mistakenly cut a paper box that was supposed to be creased.

The incident made him discover that cutting the papers in specific places could produce a flat and reopen box one can open at will. The discovery led to the cardboard boxes we are excited to use today in the packaging and shipping industries.

Innovation of Cardboard through Corrugation

As the use of cardboard boxes rises, a firm in England started producing a corrugated type for shipping materials. Mostly, it was used to wrap glass lantern chimneys and bottles for shipping.

The corrugated box was improved upon with line sheets on both sides to make it stronger and more durable.

What exactly are in Cardboard boxes?

Most cardboard boxes we see today are produced from corrugated cardboard. It is available in varying weights, material grades, and finishes. We have three layers that form corrugated cardboard. They are inner liner, outliner, and fluted wave board in the middle.

Types of Corrugated Board

We have three major types of corrugated boards that are commonly used for the production of boxes. They are:

  • Single wall box
  • Double-wall box
  • Triple wall box

Single wall box

A single board corrugated cardboard box has one layer of fluted board. Two sheets of liner board are used to sandwich between it.

Double-wall box

The double-wall corrugated cardboard box has two layers of fluted boards. They are glued to 3-layers of liner boards. The essence of gluing it is to provide the needed attachment to each other.

Картонные коробки

Triple wall box

The triple wall corrugated cardboard box has three layers of fluted boards. They laminate the boards with four layers of liner boards. Some shipping companies use this one to ship serious heavy-duty packages. It is not commonly used for packaging normal shipping.

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